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School of Life is a platform that helps people learn how to do essential things or perform certain daily tasks in the simplest and most efficient ways.

With our help, you will learn how to make simple decisions that will have great impact on your life and change certain elements and behaviors that will be important to your happiness.

Our aim is to achieve a sustainable lifestyle and the only way we have realized that can be attained is to ensure that a person is happy and well taken care of. This is critical to achieving balance.

School of life suggests ways to become a better person in all spheres of life; from eating, relating to others, travelling and generally living life. Our goal is to ensure a wholesomeness about you that will help you grow as an individual. We can assure you that the benefits of living life this way will be evident in your health and finances and are not so difficult to achieve.

In addition to learning how to do things and have a better, healthier and happier life, you can also become our author and, if you are knowledgeable about some subjects, write articles that will be shared with the rest of our readers and help you gain visibility.

Your contribution has some advantages, such as putting up your biography with a link to your social profile and any blog or website, as well as writing opportunities to increase your exposure and credibility.

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